Friday 17 August 2018

Full Circle

It's over a year since my last post - and it's been a hell of a 12 months.

Soon after my last missive went live to an audience of over 3 people who sometimes read this blog by accident, I was made redundant from my job as a a Product Manager at ADI - we were quite reliant on funding from the EU, and cuts were needed. It seems they're surviving, and taking the product vision I helped create forward. I'm also pleased to see the rest of my erstwhile colleagues who lost their jobs that day are doing well too.

I spent a few months doing some consulting before landing back at Smoothwall after their recent management buyout. The Fareham office was closed by the new owners, so a new Engineering & Product team was needed up in Leeds. It's pleasing to be asked to come home, and the new management team are really ripping up the rulebook.

It feels strange to be back here, writing in this blog 3 years on. Looking back, I see one of my first posts was on Wordpress going HTTPS. I've just turned HTTPS on for blogspot now they finally support it for custom domains - so another topic that's come round again too.

I'd promise more posts, but I don't like empty promises! Going to get busier for me before it gets easier I think!

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