Saturday, 16 April 2016

Wordpress goes HTTPS - Not All Good News?

Wordpress has recently turned on encryption for blogs hosted in their cloud. Good news, mostly. Particularly good for Wordpress users, who will benefit from a better google pagerank.

To be honest, that's about the only major benefit here. I hope it will help, long term, to get folks thinking about crypto. I hope it results in a few fewer security issues.

Unfortunately, it will lead to an uptick in secure traffic that's malicious. Wordpress blogs are a notoriously good place for stashing a bit of something unpleasant, and if Internet wrongdoers can get a "green padlock" on their fishing site, or avoid mixed content issues, I am sure Wordpress just got a little more attractive.

Ultimately, Wordpress are heading in the right direction, for which I admire them, but sometimes, doing right by the good guys also gives the bad guys a leg up. It's up to the rest of us to raise our game.


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